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Surge suppressors are used to protect circuits from transients (sudden, brief increases in voltage). Transients of widely varying magnitudes are caused by such circuit components as motors, coils, magnets, relays, and transformers. They are found in all electrical systems and they are notorious for damaging diodes, SCRs, transformers, triacs, and relay contacts.

Surge suppressors can be connected across individual components, part of a circuit, or to supply to an entire circuit. When the voltage is normal, they are in an “off” state and do nothing. However, when a transient raises the voltage, they react very quickly and conduct the excess around the components they protect. When the transient has passed they return to normal “off” state. It is cheaper to use surge suppressors than it is to buy new components or have equipment out of service. Surge suppressors can be polar (for direct current circuits) or non-polar (for alternating current circuits) and can be assembled in different configurations to offer surge protection form 3A to 130A.

CEHCO surge suppressors are assembled from high-quality selenium cells. These suppressors are characterized by extremely smooth operation.They pass increasing amounts of current as the voltage increases without the sudden changes that tend to characterize other types of surge suppressors. They have a high shunt capacitance (0.05 MFD per square inch). They react faster and have higher wattage capability than silicon suppressors. A brief description of selenium cells is shown bellow.

Click the links for further details:


Surge Suppressor, P/N C25HX11EB1
Eleven cells in Series Cell Size: 1.5” x 1.5”


Surge Suppressor, P/N K25HX6EB1
Six Cells in series Cell size: 3” x 3”


Surge Suppressor, P/N SS25HX5EB1
Five Cells in series Cell size: 5” x 6


Surge Suppressor, P/N S25HX13EN2
Thirteen cells in Series Parallel connection of two 13 cell rows
Cell Size: 5” x 6”


Surge Suppressor, P/N S25HX15EN2
Fifteen cells in Series Parallel connection of two 15 cell rows
Cell Size: 5” x 6”


Surge Suppressor, P/N E25HX9EN1
9 cells in Series Cell Size: 2” x 2”


Surge Suppressor, P/N SE252HX5EN1
5 cells in Series Cell Size: 2” x 2”


Surge Suppressor, P/N SM25HX8EB1
9 cells in Series Cell Size: 2” x 2”


We keep all materials (i.e. diodes, SCR’s, heat sinks, etc.) in stock for immediate assembly. To discuss your specific rectifier stack requirements, please contact us toll free at (800) 595-7096, or send us an email at info@cehco.com.

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